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Has Debt Collector Harassment Left You Feeling Overwhelmed and Ashamed? Get Relief With Help From the Illinois Bankruptcy Attorneys at BillFreedom Law

It does not take much to send your finances into a tailspin. A job loss or major life event could leave you faced with harassing debt collectors trying to get as much of your money and property as they can. From car repossession and wage garnishment to the threat of foreclosure on your home, you are at risk of losing everything you own.

Every day good people are put in trying situations such as the one you’re facing now. These situations cause tremendous amounts of stress and turmoil. When you need help getting back on your feet after a financial problem spun out of control, the Illinois bankruptcy lawyers at BillFreedom Law might be able to help.

Want to break free from financial turmoil fast? Request a free copy of our book, "Eliminate Debt and Stress Todayand discover the options you have available to you under the law.

Filing for Bankruptcy in Illinois Can Mean New Beginnings for Your Family

You might have never imagined that you would consider filing for bankruptcy. Or maybe you never thought that bankruptcy was an option for you.

Many people think that filing for bankruptcy is something to be ashamed of. It’s not. At BillFreedom Law we understand what you’re up against and we know what it takes to help you get relief.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If you do not have a steady source of income, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be the best option. Under this filing you will discharge your debts, bills, and financial obligations. In most cases, you can keep your possessions.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. If you have a reliable source of income, you might be able to pay back your debt under a revised, consolidated payment plan when you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Usually you can do this within as little as three to five years.
  • Foreclosure. There are various ways you could avoid foreclosure and prevent the bank from seizing your house. Our Illinois foreclosure attorneys know how to fight for you to stay in the home you love.
  • Debt Collector Harassment. Debt collectors sometimes violate the law when trying to get you to pay what you owe. Whether a creditor is threatening wage garnishment, repossession, or harassing you in other ways, we can help alleviate unlawful harassment tactics and help you find the best solution for your family.

Act Fast to Break Free From Your Debt

Do you feel so lost and overwhelmed that you’re not sure where to turn or what to do next? We can help.

Our BillFreedom bankruptcy lawyers understand the struggles you’re up against. Our attorneys understand the devastating feeling of not knowing what will happen to your home, family, house, or paycheck. When you work with us, we take your case personally, giving you the attention you deserve. We strive to make you comfortable with every step of the process and give you the guidance you deserve so that you can make the best decisions for your family.

If you feel suffocated by the mounting piles of bills and debt collection notices, call us at 877-850-2243 today!

Practice Areas

Bankruptcy Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is an emotionally draining and overwhelming experience. You need help from the start to guide and manage your case. When you need a sympathetic bankruptcy attorney in Chicago who will listen to you and your family’s concerns, contact BillFreedom Law today.

Foreclosure Foreclosure

Perhaps nothing is more frightening than the risk of losing the roof over your head. The problem won’t go away on its own. You need to act fast! Chicago foreclosure attorneys at BillFreedom Law will defend you and help you get the best resolution for your family.

Repossession Repossession

Buying big ticket items on credit is almost expected in Chicago. Products change constantly, and temporary sales make it impractical to simply save for things like cars, big screen televisions, and large pieces of furniture or appliances. Some people might buy these things using a credit card, and others will use credit specific to an Illinois store or auto dealership. They agree to make payments for a specified period of time until the item is paid for in full. These types of creditors are secured creditors. Secured creditors reserves the right to take an item back, also known as repossession, if there are too many missed payments.

Credit Card Debt Credit Card Debt

While a wise little voice might be whispering the phrase "just for emergencies," the allure of all that sudden purchasing ability can be pretty powerful. Eventually, your good intentions -- like paying your balance in full each month have gone down the drain and you find yourself caught in the trap of credit card debt.

Medical Bills Medical Bills

There are many people whose medical bills became excessive because they did not have insurance and were forced to seek even more expensive care at the emergency room rather than making a regular doctor appointment. Even those who make every effort to make all the right financial decisions can be thrown for a loop when they or a family member gets sick outside their budget.

Wage Garnishment Wage Garnishment

If you're like many people, your paycheck is very important to you, and it guides how you set the standard for your life. Things like what kind of home you live in, your necessary and optional utilities, your kids' after school activities, and more is calculated based on the amount you anticipate each pay period. From a creditor's point of you, it's up to you to take a portion of that paycheck and make them enough of a priority that they wind up getting their share every month. And sometimes a creditor comes along that decides if you aren't sending them the money, they'll just find another way to take it.

Job Loss Job Loss

There's a good chance you've been encouraged from a young age to find a good job that will offer you job security. If you're like a lot of people you did your best to follow that advice. But times have changed and job security in Chicago is not something anyone can take for granted. In recent years more and more people who have dedicated years of their career, or even decades, to an Illinois company find themselves getting tapped on the shoulder as they head into the boss's office to learn that, due to downsizing or outsourcing, their services will no longer be required. When it comes to job loss, there are times when the writing is on the wall, and other times when it comes as a complete surprise.

Suspended License Suspended License

When a bill collector calls to collect a debt, they will often try to say everything they can (and some things they shouldn't) in order to get you to pay on your debt. One of the threats you might hear is that your Illinois Driver's License can be suspended as a result of not paying those bills. Depending on the debt, this may or may not be true.