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Chicagoland Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Serving Cook, Dupage, Will and Kane Counties.

  • Do You Need Debt Relief?
  • Robbing Peter to Pay Paul?
  • Hassled by Telephone Calls from Creditors for Credit Card or Medical Bills
  • Repossession, Foreclosure, or I.R.S. Problems?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call us and receive a Free Debt Analysis. In todayís uncertain economy, many good people like you can experience problems paying bills for reasons which are out of your control. Unemployment, divorce, sickness, injury, or even a natural disaster can quickly wipe out your savings and put you in a financial crisis. Seeking protection under the FEDERAL BANKRUPTCY LAWS may stop creditor harassment and give you peace of mind by providing you a financial fresh start.

Bankruptcy may allow you to wipe out some of your debt, like credit cards, repos, medical bills, and even taxes, while allowing you to keep your exempt assets like your house, car, and personal household items. Plus, your credit may be re-established to a favorable rating in just two years or less. We have handled thousands of cases like yours and would like to help you start the process that may eliminate your debt problems and help rebuild your good credit. Isnít it about time for you to take control of your financial future?

Why BillFreedom?

30 Minute Debt Analysis

We want our clients to understand the Bankruptcy process before making a financial commitment. To ensure you are making the right decision for you, we offer a free consultation with one of our experienced Bankruptcy attorneys. Our attorneys will explore the bankruptcy process with you, providing a custom-tailored Debt analysis in order to show you how Bankruptcy can work for you. Our knowledgeable attorneys and staff will be happy to answer any question you might have about the bankruptcy process. Even if youíre not sure, give us a call to learn about other options to help you manage your debt.

Available Now!

We donít punch out at 5 Oíclock. Our Office and our bankruptcy attorneys are available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week, 365 days a year. Itís all too common to hear about attorneys who take their fee, and magically become unavailable to answer your calls. The professional and courteous staff at BillFreedom understand the worries that come with bankruptcy and financial uncertainty. You can rest at ease that you will always be able to reach someone who can answer your questions.

Experienced and Affordable

Our expertise and knowledge arenít the only reasons BillFreedom is the right choice for you. The price is right too! There will be no surprise fees or surcharges that you might find with other attorneys. We quote you one fee, up front. You can find lower fees from other attorneys out there, even lower fees from non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparers. But as the old saying goes ďIf itís too good to be true, it probably is.Ē Weíve seen hundreds of clients use the bargain basement bankruptcy options, only to have serious damage done to their finances.

Let BillFreedom help you eliminate debt and start fresh. Call us today at 877-885-8817, or fill out our easy online appointment form. Meet with an attorney for free. Find out if a chapter 7 or 13 is the right option for you.

Please ask about our affordable pricing options. Chapter 13 - No Money Down for qualified workers, excluding court costs. Chapter 7 - As little as $100 to start.

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